What is the Live-Chat for WordPress Site?

 Have you ever come across a business website that offers direct chat with their customer support representatives? A number of businesses these days are providing users with a better support network via a live chat option. These make it easier for the website visitor to get their issues resolved or get information about a product or service.

A recent market research has shown that having a live chat option on a website can help a business increase their required customer conversion target. This lets customers connect with the company’s representatives and get their issue resolved in the minimal time period. For businesses, a live-chat option increases the time that a customer spends on the website.
What is the Live-Chat for WordPress Site?
WordPress also offers users a live-chat feature to add to their business websites. However, a number of users are skeptical about adding a live-chat option to their business website as they think of it as an unnecessary distraction. The professionals working for the WordPress Support Australia will now share why having a live-chat option can do your business website a world of good.
Why should I use the Live Chat For WordPress site?
The experts working for the WordPress Technical Support have more than a decade of experience in handling issues related to your WordPress site or blog. They recommend that you have a Live-Chat feature added to your business WordPress site for the reasons stated below;
  • Less Expensive
One of the vital elements of a business is proper customer support, which requires investing sufficient resources for providing customers with the best assistance. If you are looking to attract the maximum number of customers without having to invest a large sum, there can be nothing cheaper than having Live-Chat. Live-Chat is less expensive for customers as compared to a phone call.
  • Increase in Sales
The professionals at the Live Chat are here to provide each customer with the best support related to their WordPress site or blog. They recommend that Live-Chat as it can increase the customer conversion rates for your business.
  • Helps Build Trust
The first thing that attracts more customers to a business is their trust in its services and how they respond to a customer’s query. A Live-Chat feature will help you in resolving the queries of your customers within minimal time. Thereby, it will help win the trust of customers towards your business.
  • Feedback
A Live-Chat option will also help customers give feedback to your service and any improvements in a much easier way. Any issue with your business website can be easily assessed and shared by the customer without having to call you. You can connect with the professionals at the WordPress Australia to get the best help.
Our skilled technicians have come up with a list of plugins that you can install on your WordPress supported business website to activate the Live-Chat feature.
Which are the best plugins for activating the Live-Chat option on my WordPress site?
We at the WordPress Developer have come up with some of the best plugins for activating the Live-Chat feature on your WordPress site. These have been explained in details below;
1. LiveChat

This is a premium WordPress Live-Chat plugin that is easy to set up and has ample of options to offer for your business site. Among the plethora of features is a tailored chat box, options to change the format, language, post-chat survey, color and pre-chat messages. The LiveChat plugin allows you to provide an automated greeting to the website visitors. Our professionals at the WordPress Helpdesk recommend this plugin as it has a neat user-interface and is totally efficient.
2. Tidio

One of the most-handy WordPress Live-Chat plugins suited for your business clients. This makes it easier for your business to get in touch with the website visitors. Your professional customer care team can easily reply via chat or send an email from the same place. Tidio comes with total support for both iOS and Android devices. The best feature is that it easily integrates with HubSpot, MailChimp, Zoho, and Wix among others.
3. Tawk. To Live Chat

The Tawk. To Live Chat is a free WordPress plugin that offers your business website with a number of premium options. All you need to do is install the plugin and connect it with your WordPress account, not to forget it also has applications for Android and iOS mobile devices as well. The best feature is the ticketing system that will permit your customer care team to create a ticket along with a chat history. Also, you can easily setup Live-Chat for multiple pages of your business website with a chat window that can be customized to fit with your website design.
Do you want more customers to not only visit your business site but also contribute to increasing its sales? Connect with our skilled WordPress Support Australia professionals to get the best Live Chat Support without any delay. Call us on WordPress Tech Support +61-1800-845-219 from anywhere in Australia. Visit our website https://www.wordpresssupport247.com.au which is entirely dedicated to WordPress Help.


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